enterprise rate

What does it include?

Customize your menus and submenus
Customization of the top bar
Carousel of promotional products on the Home page
Tracking of visits and sales of the App and notifications
Sending of 200,000 free push notifications per month: the rest at 0.0019€/notification
Notifications segmented by form, geolocation or by CRM information
Integration of the number of products in the cart in the App menu
UTM in the notifications with identification of source, media and campaign for Google Analytics
Visualization of the location of users connecting to the App
Sending push notifications via API
Landing page creation to create promotions and send them via push notifications
Integration of EAN/QR reader within the App
Single administration to manage the App for multiple countries
Integration of deep links to open links from Google, Newsletter, Facebook... from the App
Access to download the App to test it before uploading it publicly on the platforms
Sending notifications through a private sending channel prepared for mass mailings.
Possibility of custom programming under budget

About the tariff

The App4less Enterprise plan covers all the premium features of our technology and is the marketing tool your team needs. Get your own App and massively increase your conversion! More than 100 customers have already increased their ecommerce conversion by 2 to 4 times from the App.

Don't hesitate any longer and get the most out of your App with App4less.

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Get the most out of your App

App4less is the solution to massively increase your conversion.

App-eCommerce integration module

Customization of the ecommerce when accessing from the App
Annual fee

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Enterprise Plan


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App creation and publication

Publish the App in App Store and Google Play

One-time payment

Professional creation and design

One-time payment to be quoted

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App Store Developer Account

App Store Developer Account Creation

One-time payment


The client must be registered as a developer in App Store, providing the market with his Visa Card for the payment of 99 € per year.

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Frequently asked questions about App4less


Is it possible to request a free demo?

Request a DEMO

Yes, we will show you by videoconference, your App, its ease of use and maintenance as well as the details of the reference technology for the creation of eCommerce Apps


How can I upgrade my contracted plan?

Request a DEMO

Do you need more functionalities in your App, QR reader, Deeplinks, etc.? 20.000 free pushes per month not enough? Switching to the enterprise plan is the solution; contact your App4less agent or write to us at info@app4less.net if you want to upgrade your service and start enjoying all the benefits of technology.


If the service is cancelled in the middle of the quarter, can I get my investment back?

Request a DEMO

Correct, the proportional part of the months not consumed is refunded. For example, if we register an App with annual maintenance in January and the service is cancelled on 15 September, the months from October to December will be refunded


How does the editing platform work?

Request a DEMO

Don't worry, we will take care of creating the design and structure of your App. As soon as it is published, our team of experts will train you in the use of the platform and will share with you a multitude of tutorials and training videos. Our platform stands out for being very intuitive, most of the contents are easily managed through "drag & drop" tools. In addition, our specialised team is always available to answer customer queries via email and/or telephone.We also provide our clients with customised editing and restyling services according to their projects. Contact us!