All your doubts about App4less solved in once place


How does the editing platform work?

Don't worry, we will take care of creating the design and structure of your App. As soon as it is published, our team of experts will train you in the use of the platform and will share with you a multitude of tutorials and training videos. Our platform stands out for being very intuitive, most of the contents are easily managed through "drag & drop" tools. In addition, our specialised team is always available to answer customer queries via email and/or telephone.We also provide our clients with customised editing and restyling services according to their projects. Contact us!


If the service is cancelled in the middle of the quarter, can I get my investment back?

Correct, the proportional part of the months not consumed is refunded. For example, if we register an App with annual maintenance in January and the service is cancelled on 15 September, the months from October to December will be refunded


How can I upgrade my contracted plan?

Do you need more functionalities in your App, QR reader, Deeplinks, etc.? 20.000 free pushes per month not enough? Switching to the enterprise plan is the solution; contact your App4less agent or write to us at info@app4less.net if you want to upgrade your service and start enjoying all the benefits of technology.


Is it possible to request a free demo?

Yes, we will show you by videoconference, your App, its ease of use and maintenance as well as the details of the reference technology for the creation of eCommerce Apps