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At Deporvillage they are experts in the full range of cycling, running, outdoor, swimming and fitness. As one of the leading online operators of specialised sports equipment, they offer the best brands at competitive prices.

At Webimpacto we have created an App environment that reinforces and builds customer loyalty with exclusive flash offers, personalised communications and facilitates the purchasing process with filtering options by discipline, item type and much more.

Fifty Factory is a chain of fashion, footwear and accessories shops, belonging to Tendam Group, dedicated to the sale of high-end brands at great discounts. It currently has an online shop and physical shops in Europe. 

Webimpacto has worked with Fifty Factory in the creation of its App to offer its customers a new shopping experience, which has been very well received since its launch.

Kenay offers a range of furniture and decorative items of its own design, which can be personalised, together with a free project service created so that everyone can decorate their home to measure and with the help of professionals.

Webimpacto has created together with Kenay Home an App environment where, without losing the Web essence, we get closer to the customer with personalised communications, exclusive offers and intelligent search among many other advantages.

Atida | Mifarma is the leading online parapharmacy in Europe that presents a wide catalogue of products with more than 30,000 references of the best pharmacy brands.

Webimpacto has worked with Atida | Mifarma in the creation of its App to put the best pharmacy and parapharmacy products at the fingertips of its customers. Exclusive discounts, raffles and special promotions for App users, and wishlist creation are some of the advantages that bring the App environment closer and personalise it for the customer.

Unilae is the generalist online shop of Pc Componentes that proposes to buy in a different way. Prioritising staying at home, immediacy and getting the lowest price.

In Webimpacto we have transferred these values to the App environment where customers can create their own wishlist, share with their contacts, receive exclusive discounts and personalised communications, as well as enjoy all the web advantages.

Verdecora is an online shop where you will find everything you need to take care of your plants, your garden, your vegetable garden or your pet. Quality and natural ingredients are the two characteristics of Verdecora brand products.

At Webimpacto we worked closely with the Verdecora team in the creation of their App to offer their customers the best shopping experience, including a QR reader in shop, plant recognition and other exclusive features to strengthen the relationship and loyalty with the brand.

Primor is a perfume, beauty and personal care company that has had an unstoppable expansion throughout Spain. All its physical shops are self-managed and it also has an online shop.

Primor has relied on Webimpacto to redesign and redesign its App, with a vision very focused on meeting the needs of users and improving the shopping experience to create an emotional bond with the brand.

PC Componentes is an electronics and technology shop with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. Its aim is to make it easier for its customers to buy computer and technology products online, with easy purchasing processes and competitive prices.

In Webimpacto we have created the PC Componentes App, designed to offer the best shopping experience and advantages to computer, electronics and technology lovers. Exclusive events and promotions, personalised notifications and much more.

Pretty Ballerinas started in 2005 with its website, prettyballerinas.com, and quickly became the favourite ballerina shop of celebrities all over the world. It is a young brand, but with a long tradition (operating since 1918).

At Webimpacto we have had the pleasure of working with Pretty Ballerinas in the creation of their App to offer their customers an even more innovative shopping experience that continues to generate engagement with the brand.

Party fiesta is a shop specialising in products and services for all kinds of parties and events. They have become one of the most important retail chains in the sale of party supplies and costumes. 

At Webimpacto we have worked with the Party Fiesta team in the creation of their App to offer a rewarding shopping experience to users and improve the customer satisfaction rate.

Misako is an online shop of bags, suitcases and accessories that was founded in 1998 with a new concept of design and quality. Today it is characterised by being a benchmark in the world of fashion today.

In Webimpacto we have worked hand in hand with Misako to create its new App, which offers an intuitive and innovative shopping experience to its customers and with great loyalty potential.

La Sirena offers the largest variety of frozen food on the market. More than 750 references ranging from basic ingredients to ready meals, practical and healthy solutions adapted to everyone's needs.

At Webimpacto we have worked with the La Sirena team in the creation of their App to offer their customers an unbeatable shopping experience and encourage repeat purchases through the implementation of exclusive loyalty systems and personalised communications.

Inside is a young fashion shop, where you can create your own style, with a variety of garments at affordable prices, 48h shipping and free returns.

At Webimpacto we have worked with the Inside team in the creation of their App, with a very intuitive interface, to offer their customers an innovative shopping experience that generates engagement with the brand.

Conforama specializes in furniture, electrical appliances and home decoration. An extensive catalog, competitive prices and great promotions are some of the highlights.

At Webimpacto we have created the Conforama App with distinction for each of their 5 locations, added an intermediate login page for a more native look and feel and added the functionality to invite your friends.

Douglas is a prestigious online beauty shop that offers cosmetic products, perfumes and make-up from the best brands on the market. It also has its own brand, designed to meet the needs of its customers.

Douglas has relied on Webimpacto for the creation of its App, in order to put within reach of its customers, in an easy and simple way, all their favorite cosmetic items and communicate offers and promotions, through a satisfactory and recurrent shopping experience.

Fnac is Europe's largest technology and cultural retailer. It sells the most innovative products in technology, electronics, books, music, etc. from the best brands on the market.

At Webimpacto we have worked on the creation of the Fnac App, with the aim of offering the best shopping experience and brand advantages to its customers. Exclusive events, promotions, personalised notifications and much more.

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